What's in this FREE Guide?

With this guide you will learn all the ins and outs of Pack Leader USA's labeling machines and how they can improve your CBD operation. Whether it's bottles, bags, or jars, these are the answers you need before you invest in labeling equipment.


1. Wrap Around Labelers

Wrap around labelers are the simplest way to get your bags and jars labeled. Choose from a variety of sizes and speeds to meet your needs.

2. Wrap Around Labelers with Neck Attachment

Everyone knows you can't latch top containers and tall, skinny tubes. Now you have options for simple and easy labeling of all these unique containers.

3. Shrink Sleeve Labeler

If you need tamper-evident label placement or you're dealing with an oddly shaped container, shrink sleeves offer a solid alternative.

Download your free copy of The Labeling Equipment Guide for CBD today and see all of the ways you can dress up your containers!